About us

PWS Academy is an online education platform that offers computer science courses for higher education. By thinking outside of the box of traditional education, we aim to bring our courses to more students than ever before — especially those who don't have access to affordable higher education in their area, and those who don't have the privilege to study full-time.

Our goals

Curriculum development

Our primary goal is to further develop our curriculum. Initially, our efforts are focused on developing a core set of programming courses using the Swift programming language. Afterwards, we will branch out into other topics to complete the curriculum.

Diversity and inclusion

Higher education often comes at a cost that many people can't afford. By making all of our courses free of charge, we hope to improve diversity and inclusion in our field.

Open source

Our courses rely heavily on free and open source software. Being volunteers ourselves, we promote the use of open source software and make contributions whenever possible.

Student involvement

We want our students to excel. To make this possible, we create opportunities for students to get involved with the academy and its side projects, take up international internships, contribute to open source projects, and attend conferences.

Support us

PWS Academy is run by volunteers and funded through donations. If you want to support our work, please consider making a monthly contribution. Your contributions keep our courses up-to-date, fund the development of new courses, and cover our expenses.

To donate, select one of the following options:

To give thanks, all backers will be listed on our website. Gold backers will be listed first, and will be displayed with an avatar and a link to their personal website or profile.

Get involved

If you have the time and skill set, please consider getting involved in our work. We welcome all volunteers who can take up one of the following roles:

Authors are expert teachers that design and write courses. We provide coaching and editing, so you can focus on the content.
English language editor
Editors make sure the language in our courses is clear, correct, and concise. Editors also serve as coaches, improving the writing skills of the authors on their team.
Video content creator
Video content creators work closely with authors and present their work in a different format. Video creators should have good presentation skills and some experience with editing and publishing video.
Web and graphical designer
Designers create the artwork for our courses and videos, as well as the design for this website. Having a professional designer on our team will boost the production value of our courses and videos.

If you're interested in taking up one of these roles, please contact steven@pwsacademy.org.